The Story Behind One of My Favorite Fair Trade Brands

This winter, before I became the Fair Trade Intern at the Peace & Justice Center in Burlington, VT I was a volunteer in the fair trade shop connected to the center. I got to know the products of the artisans and brands we carry very well and wanted to tell the story behind one of my favorites, Matr Boomie. In our modern consumerism culture, I find that there is often a huge disconnect between the buyer and the origin of the products we have in our lives. We often forget that everything we buy has a story behind it, hands that created it and a life that it affected. This article from The Peace & Justice Center’s winter 2015 Newsletter highlights one fair trade company that is trying to play an active role in this movement of conscious consumerism, connecting consumer to creator in a just and sustainable way. I hope you enjoy.  *if text in the article is too small I suggest clicking on the image and zooming in 🙂

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 11.42.10 AM


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